Add a One-Click Miro Button to your Site

how 1-click works
  • One click adds your feed to the sidebar of Miro
  • If your viewer doesn't have Miro, they get an easy way to download
  • This is a great way to keep people watching regularly
  • Done in four super easy steps!

Step 1: Pick the type of 1-click button you want to make

  • Video Feed (video podcast)
  • Audio Feed (video podcast)
  • Website
  • File Download

Step 2: Enter the URL for your feed, website, or file

for multiple URLs in one button, separate with a comma

Step 3: Click on a Button, Code will Appear

Step 4: Your Button Code (copy & paste it!)

Did you know?

  • YouTube, blip.tv and other video sharing sites have RSS feedsfind out more.

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